4 years

Today marks FOUR years since my operation. In that time I have got 3 A Levels, 1 AS Level, 1 Extended Project, Grade 7 Violin, 1/3 of a degree and countless achievements outside of education. I have had multiple jobs, am on committee for two student media outlets and have produced more print and audio content than I could possibly list. I’ve cut my hair for charity and raised £400. I’ve met Prince Harry, seen the Queen and interviewed someone from the BBC. I’ve won a writing competition, most likely to become head teacher and Best Journalist for the student magazine. I don’t even live at home full time anymore.

Of course it’s not all amazing things. I’ve gone through periods of stress, anxiety and potential depression. I lost and painfully rebuilt friendships. I’ve been homesick, I’ve had too many arguments and there’s far too much mess in my room. I eat a lot of rubbish and sometimes I probably don’t eat enough in proper meals. Sleep can be lacking and I don’t keep up with current affairs as much as I would like (so same as when I was in hospital!). Plus I keep missing Bake Off!

But, essentially today marks another year since my operation and 4 in total. In fact it’s been over 8 years since my journey with scoliosis started and I’m excited for the years to come and writing updates for 5/10/15 years post-op!


Featured on the Evelina website

As you will probably be aware, earlier this year I cut my hair for charity. The hair went to the Little Princess Trust while the money went to Evelina London, where I had my spinal fusion surgery. You can now read my account of why I fundraised on the Support Evelina blog via the link below!



Buzzfeed: ‘Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected’

Blog posts are like buses – you spend ages waiting for one and then three come along at once (broadly speaking). It is perhaps not quite that dramatic, but having been quiet for a couple of months, it’s refreshing to have too much to write about!

Today I was just generally looking at Buzzfeed, doing various quizzes and getting quite upset at the mistreatment of pasta by some internet users, when I found a link to an article. Entitled ‘Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected’, I saw a image of a spine and was quite excited to see scoliosis being discussed on a popular website. Rosalind Jana, the author, is someone I was already aware of as a scoliosis sufferer but it was still refreshing and slightly emotional to read of a story much like my own.

You can read the article below, and look forward to hearing more from me very soon!



Scoliosis podcasts

Around a month ago, you may recall that it was International Scoliosis Awareness Day, when I posted about two special radio shows I was presenting to commemorate the occasion and raise awareness of the condition. As promised, you can listen back to both shows via the two podcasts below!

The first features an interview with SAUK representative, Anna Glendenning, and a mixture of music that helped me through my treatment and songs from 1981, when the Scoliosis Association UK was set up.

The second includes a selection of music from 1981 and information on scoliosis and related conditions.


Doctor Who: Crying silently

The following quote is one I’ve wanted to share for a while, and to be honest, thought I already had! It has a lot of truth, especially related to how I felt back in 2011, and so I felt on another busy day, I would share it now

“Amy: One little girl crying. So?
The Doctor: Crying silently. I mean children cry because they want attention. ‘Cause they’re hurt or afraid. When they cry silently it’s ’cause they just can’t stop.”

Disclaimer: I am not posting this because I am at all crying today, I’m just busy and felt it was an opportune time to share.


A new website for the Evelina Children’s Hospital

EDIT: apologies for the lack of text on the previous version, it somehow got wiped!

I wanted something short to write about on a busy day and upon browsing the internet I came across the new website for the Evelina Children’s Hospital, or Evelina London as it is better known now. It’s really easy to use and much more informative than the last one, so check it out – it’s definitely something I would have liked to have read as the information is more concise that the massive booklet I was given.

You can find the website here: http://www.evelinalondon.nhs.uk/Home.aspx.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “These Horns Were Made for Tooting.”

Today, share something you love about yourself  — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.

Something I love about myself? Something confident – that few other people get to see often? Well, right now I love the fact that I have a great figure. I’m so happy that I can dress up in dresses of all types, just as I am going to do tonight. I no longer have the irregular hips and bad posture that came with scoliosis and today that is what I love about myself. Also because it is cold I get to wear lovely jumpers!

Read more about clothes here: https://afterscoliosis.wordpress.com/clothes.