Scoliosis podcasts

Around a month ago, you may recall that it was International Scoliosis Awareness Day, when I posted about two special radio shows I was presenting to commemorate the occasion and raise awareness of the condition. As promised, you can listen back to both shows via the two podcasts below!

The first features an interview with SAUK representative, Anna Glendenning, and a mixture of music that helped me through my treatment and songs from 1981, when the Scoliosis Association UK was set up.

The second includes a selection of music from 1981 and information on scoliosis and related conditions.



I seem to be on a bit of a posting streak, and I felt it was only fair to keep up the momentum with today’s post.

Today was my final show with Coastway Hospital Radio for the holidays, two hours of my favourite classical music. I have totalled ten hours on air with them over the last four weeks and it has been great fun.

My first show was an experience – they’d recently had a software issue and I narrowly avoided having to learn how to use a new playout system. I was slightly concerned when I arrived at the studio as the system looked completely different to how I was used to in the Insanity studio. After asking for help and then having to decline the helpful phone call because the mics were on, I got my head around it and two successful hours ensued (although I am glad there is no recording of my blip in the first few minutes!).

The last thing I had to get my head around was recording my shows, and that is something I have finally managed to do this week – you can listen to yesterday’s here: https://www.mixcloud.com/elizabeth-carr/coastway-show-3-4th-january/. The next one should be up in the next few days, in case you are looking for some relaxing classical music.