New Blog/Blog News

I update this blog to bring you some news concerning my general blogging. Firstly, I have a new blog, but that’s not to say that this blog is not going to continue. However, this blog was set up to document my operation and therefore it will always be personal. It’s not the place to showcase my work outside of articles related to scoliosis and not the ideal website to point potential employers to. Therefore I am now blogging at http://escarr15.wordpress.com/ for more professional and student media related things, while this blog will remain for personal updates and general life based posts. There will probably be crossover, one will likely end up neglected in favour of the other at times, and there will inevitably be confusion on my part that may lead to posts being posted on the wrong blog – but that is an issue for another day! Right now, I would love it if you would hop over to my new blog and give me a follow, I promise not to spam you with posts and provide the same well written content as I do here (but probably more edited and polished and a bit less chatty). And stay tuned for a post on this blog in the near future, I have a few sitting in my drafts!


Writing again!

Today brings another article publication, this time for the news section of the Insanity Radio website, covering the building project at the local church. Ground breaking stuff!

Very grateful for it going up tonight (1. I can keep my blog post streak going, 2. I can sort of call it breaking news) so take a look. And I promise I did write it, my name is there somewhere, although undeservedly because I forgot to write it on in the first place.

You can read it here: http://insanityradio.com/news/st-johns-church-begins-second-phase-of-building-project/

In other news, this is the first blog post written entirely in, albeit simple, HTML, including the hyperlink, and my up and down keys on my keyboard are temporarily out of action. The latter is far more annoying that you would think!


Insanity Radio – I was mad not to…

You may have noticed that I have been posting a lot recently, which is a nice change from past few months of very few sporadic posts. The reason being is that I am challenging myself to Blogvent, a notion I have just made up (it probably already existed) where I blog every day of advent. Seeing as I’m currently on day 4, it’s going pretty well.

So, today I am talking about the fantastic Insanity Radio, because they deserve more than a small paragraph in a monthly update. I have been listening to Insanity for over a year and it always looked super fun to be involved, but also something which I did not have the courage to get involved in. Still, I was a devoted listener and wrote a piece for The Founder (the student newspaper) entitled Addicted to Insanity Radio, which I blogged about here: https://afterscoliosis.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/article-published-in-the-founder/.

If you just read the above article, you will know that I did have a small desire to guest on Insanity, which was realised during Welcome Week this year. Little did I know that within two weeks I would be presenting my first live show! This is the point at which I give a shout out (radio style) to the Assistant Station Manager of Insanity, Conor Ryan, for having me on his show and encouraging me to apply for a slot in the schedule, as well as being my producer (although I’m jumping ahead a bit).

So I applied to be a presenter, thought nothing much would come of it, went to my interview (straight after doing the Orbital interviews about a metre away) still thinking I’d just end up with my single guest appearance. And then came the Open Day, which I was helping with as part of the Orbital (before going to one of the most exciting days at work, but more about that later in the month). I had to head back to the SU from the Quad where we were representing the media outlets to get something and had to be let in by Young, the Station Manager, who promptly congratulated me on getting a show in the schedule. And so while I was at work my phone went a little bit mad with Facebook notifications from the members group and important emails about training, and then I got home to find I had about 48 hours to plan my first ever show, which was to be aired on the Monday.

A Sunday afternoon in Costa ensued, planning commenced, and then the day was polished off by a pub lunch with the Media Board members, who all were aware of my new show and asked what I was going to do and me being very unsure about what I was actually going to do and slightly glad that most of them had a lecture at 3 on a Monday and so wouldn’t be listening. Then again, the Orbital show was new too so it was not just me stressfully straying into unknown territory.

This is getting long, I apologise. But yes, I had my first show without any major issues except forgetting to turn the microphones off and being generally nervous. I felt pretty rubbish about the whole thing all day, but in hindsight that was down to me being ill and making the poor decision of going home after each Insanity thing I was doing on campus (which was three times). My second show went a lot better, and I would like to say that it has gone from strength to strength, especially now we’re having planning meetings and I get all of the technical things. The show even has a name: Entertaining History, because I tend to talk about history and it’s an entertainment show. I’ve had a few guests (and if you’re reading this and want to come on, let me know!) and I’m kind of getting into ‘new’ music again (so my iPod might soon contain songs that are less than 4 years old).

The other angle of my role with Insanity is being part of the news team. Partly chosen because it was the only team where I could actually make the meetings, it also has given me a further outlet for my writing and the opportunity to write and read news broadcasts on air. This isn’t exactly plain sailing – there’s not a great deal of news in Egham for a start! However, my first article was published on the website earlier this week, and I’m quite proud of it, although I hope the next one I write will be much more news-y. You can read it here: http://insanityradio.com/news/interfaith-week-13th-20th-november/.

I’m so glad I got involved with Insanity and hopefully there are even more fun radio related things in the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can listen back to my shows on my mixcloud ( https://www.mixcloud.com/elizabeth-carr/) and catch my final regular show of the year at 3pm on Monday on http://www.insanityradio.com – although do not despair, as you will be able to hear me on Monday 14th (time tbc) and Tuesday 22nd December (12-2pm) and hopefully also next term! And if you’re at all interested in being part of Insanity, just as I was, don’t hesitate to get in touch! (I will probably pass you on to someone much more knowledgable)


New posts soon!

Just a quick note to say that there will be new posts very soon (I just have to write them!). My ‘endless’ free time has been somewhat taken up this week by a mission with a local church.

Also, do follow my friend’s blog – it’s not scoliosis related but aims to make a difference by telling young people about topical issues – http://laurenellisuk.wordpress.com/


Bed Space 16 – Thursday 27th September 2012

Bed space 16 does not hold happy memories for me, which is sad because I love the number 16!

Soon after moving into my new area, the two girls having operations the next day were arriving – Ella (from Westminster) and Charlotte (from Dartford). They were lovely and I wish that I met them in better circumstances, or even been able to stay in touch – although we had different operations, it would’ve been nice to see how they were getting on, and maybe if you’re reading this girls, get in touch!!

Spending all day in bed makes it really difficult to remember what happened and what the sequence of events was, so I am going to try my best to describe things in the order I think they happened.

Sonia visits: My mum’s ex-colleague Sonia popped up to the ward, mainly to see my mum because I wouldn’t let her leave my side. Apart from that I can’t remember a thing about what she said to me, although she most likely said get well soon.

Thursday Evening: The over-bed television had been cruelly taken from me (because of moving beds) but they acquired a bright and colourful TV, which was larger than the others, but had the downside of being the only one, so we all had to watch the same thing. That didn’t massively bother me though, because I got to choose, being the illest, longest-standing person on the ward, and the one who asked for the TV in the first place. So, we watched You’ve Been Framed at about 7.30, which Ella and I found extremely funny (Charlotte was on the other side of the section and was busy doing her hair, so I don’t know what her reaction was). We then moved on to Waterloo Road at 8 (well, probably 5 to because I was anxious about missing the beginning!), but don’t ask me what the plot was! At some point, we also managed to catch some sort of news – it might have been proper news or maybe just a news update – and it was about the girl who ran off to France with her teacher, which I hadn’t heard about before because of being in my little hospital bubble. In turns out that nurse Kelly, who was on shift at the time, has a brother who was the headmaster (or something) of the school that they ran away from, so he was having a pretty stressful time!

The Night: OK, this was probably my lowest point in the whole hospital stay. I must start be apologising to Ami, firstly for probably spelling her name wrong, and secondly because she had to deal with me being massively ill. I really can’t remember much about this night but basically I was suffering from constipation, from the morphine, mixed with pain, and I had started being sick quite a lot. Luckily there was a vast supply of sick bowls, but my stomach had also extended, being full of air as well as normal stuff, and I looked pregnant. Because of being sick, I didn’t want to eat anything, which meant that the problems were not going away. I should probably also apologise to Ella and Charlotte for being such a disruptive and groany sleeper, because I wasn’t really promoting good health post operation!

Because of all these problems, it was decided that a doctor should come and have a look at me. I ended up with a quite newly qualified woman (we think) who woke me up in the middle of the night (that what it felt like anyway!) to do a finger-prick blood test, or actually two because my blood clotted a bit fast. I didn’t really mind this as it only really felt like someone has stapled my finger, and what I remember is just a whole load of people crowding round my bed. They ordered an X-ray for the following day and left me to my restless sleep.

I will end it there for now, on a cliffhanger I guess! Hopefully I won’t leave you waiting too long for the answers! Please like/comment/follow etc!