Buzzfeed: ‘Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected’

Blog posts are like buses – you spend ages waiting for one and then three come along at once (broadly speaking). It is perhaps not quite that dramatic, but having been quiet for a couple of months, it’s refreshing to have too much to write about!

Today I was just generally looking at Buzzfeed, doing various quizzes and getting quite upset at the mistreatment of pasta by some internet users, when I found a link to an article. Entitled ‘Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected’, I saw a image of a spine and was quite excited to see scoliosis being discussed on a popular website. Rosalind Jana, the author, is someone I was already aware of as a scoliosis sufferer but it was still refreshing and slightly emotional to read of a story much like my own.

You can read the article below, and look forward to hearing more from me very soon!



The Apprentice candidates dance to Black Lace’s Superman! (2012)

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline, and came across a link to this video, which is great! ‘But why are you posting it?’ I hear you ask. Well, look at the woman on the right from about six seconds in – she almost certainly has scoliosis. This is both an awareness issue and an empowerment issue. Firstly, she is on TV with a noticable curve, which could raise awareness. Also, I am pretty sure that the woman is candidate Laura Hogg, who runs a bridal shop – something which is very much about image. So, if she does have scoliosis, it really shows that you can do anything and shouldn’t worry about how you look!

Now here’s the funny video!

It wouldn’t embed! So here’s a link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00r7h8t