New Blog/Blog News

I update this blog to bring you some news concerning my general blogging. Firstly, I have a new blog, but that’s not to say that this blog is not going to continue. However, this blog was set up to document my operation and therefore it will always be personal. It’s not the place to showcase my work outside of articles related to scoliosis and not the ideal website to point potential employers to. Therefore I am now blogging at http://escarr15.wordpress.com/ for more professional and student media related things, while this blog will remain for personal updates and general life based posts. There will probably be crossover, one will likely end up neglected in favour of the other at times, and there will inevitably be confusion on my part that may lead to posts being posted on the wrong blog – but that is an issue for another day! Right now, I would love it if you would hop over to my new blog and give me a follow, I promise not to spam you with posts and provide the same well written content as I do here (but probably more edited and polished and a bit less chatty). And stay tuned for a post on this blog in the near future, I have a few sitting in my drafts!


An update: November 2015

So, a lot has changed since my October update so I felt I should write another update, rather than trying to write many blog posts that turn into rambling nonsense. Here is a further snapshot of my activities since mid-October:

  • My degree – In the last week or so I have submitted 4 essays of around 2,500 words each, because the department have decided we should give in all our assessed work within the same week (and they are doing the same in the last week of term!). The courses are good though, and travelling into London is not too hard – this week I registered to use LSE archives and then went shopping in Covent Garden, and in other weeks we have had trips to the British Museum and multiple cafes.
  • Insanity Radio – Not only am I now preparing my 8th live show on Insanity, I’ve been reading the news every week on Tuesdays at 12. Ironically Insanity has probably stopped me from going mad, but more on that below. The people are all lovely and I do tend to get stuck in the Media Suite when I go in. Today, however, I did not and chose to go to the library and update my Mixcloud, which you can listen to below!
  • The Orbital Magazine – I would say that this caused a minor breakdown, but certain people might say I was being over-dramatic. The short story is that I no longer have a board position. I don’t think I cried as much as I did that week since my operation was imminent, which shows how much being Comment Editor meant to me, and the worst thing is that somehow I did not manage to convey this passion in my speech. I actually ran for two other positions after losing the editorial position we all thought I had in the bag, and also did not get those. Because of our electoral process, I have no idea what the other candidates promised or said to make people vote for them, but maybe it was partly to do with there being more first years than older years, and so no-one who really knew how much work I put into my role. Everyone I spoke to about it afterwards was incredibly supportive and sympathetic, and in fact the weekend during which I would have been editing was the weekend before my deadlines so I probably would have had a breakdown even if I had kept my role.
  • Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra – We are building up to our first concert of the year and I am enjoying my position as a first violin, even if the music is a bit modern for me. The concert is on 2nd December and it is free for Royal Holloway students and alumni!
  • Work – I am still employed in my two jobs, but now the Rugby World Cup is over I don’t have quite as much work as before, and it’s super helpful to have the extra money.
  • Christian Union – Coming back from London makes CU a bit of a struggle some weeks, but I still go when I can and am on the snacks rota and hopefully getting back into Club Mission when I’m not working Saturdays.
  • Church – I’m loving St John’s and Student Life Group and spending time with the other students and wider church family. I’m also starting on operating the projector on Sunday, which is exciting.

So, basically things have changed and things have stayed the same. It has been for the best, but here’s hoping I will have a more settled month this month!


Entertaining History – Thanksgiving and Doctor Who Special by Beth Carr on Mixcloud