Buzzfeed: ‘Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected’

Blog posts are like buses – you spend ages waiting for one and then three come along at once (broadly speaking). It is perhaps not quite that dramatic, but having been quiet for a couple of months, it’s refreshing to have too much to write about!

Today I was just generally looking at Buzzfeed, doing various quizzes and getting quite upset at the mistreatment of pasta by some internet users, when I found a link to an article. Entitled ‘Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected’, I saw a image of a spine and was quite excited to see scoliosis being discussed on a popular website. Rosalind Jana, the author, is someone I was already aware of as a scoliosis sufferer but it was still refreshing and slightly emotional to read of a story much like my own.

You can read the article below, and look forward to hearing more from me very soon!



Article published in The Founder

So, back in the last week of term in December, the student newspaper The Founder was published. I spent the first half of the week swinging past the Student Union searching for the new copies, on one occasion bumping into flatmate George, who was doing the exact same thing. On 10th December, our wait for the new edition was finally over – and it was a good read for us both. Of course the whole Wednesday days off thing meant that I collected two copies, being the person in the flat who actually gets up before midday, and read mine before anyone else got up. I then rather aggressively tried to get George to get up because the paper wouldn’t fit under the door (sorry!). But anyway, what I’m trying to say is that we both got our articles published.

My piece was entitled ‘Addicted to Insanity Radio’, and was basically me talking about how good Royal Holloway’s student radio station is. I won’t reproduce that here but I wanted to elaborate on my love for Insanity and extend this to other student radio broadcasts that I have had the pleasure of listening to. I started listening to Insanity itself properly after a friend got a show on Sundays at 11pm – I tried it out on a Open Day beforehand but didn’t realise that no presenters were awake in the mornings and they just played music. After a shout out battle with George, I became a devout listener of the show and continue to text in for shout outs every week.

However, after going home for the school evening of celebration, I discovered some more student radio stations, namely Burst Radio at University of Bristol, courtesy of Patrick Thomas and his radio show. After submitting my Founder article the previous weekend, I was buoyed up on my enjoyment of Insanity, so I put Patrick’s show in my diary and listened in. Good music, chat, and references to the evening of celebration made it a really great listen and so I kept tuning in each week. I also stumbled across the fact that someone else I knew from school had a radio show, this one on Nerve Radio from Bournemouth University. Neither of these quite measured up to Insanity (do any student radio stations have normal names!?), but I did begin my quest to be shouted out on many radio stations, getting a shout out on both shows to add to the many I already had from Tanyel and Katie on Insanity.

Student radio is a great thing to listen to, and I assume be involved in, and I really hope it continues. I will end this post in the same way as I ended my Founder article – if anyone reading is involved in Insanity and wants to get me to pop into the studio, I would be most grateful!

'Addicted to Insanity Radio' piece published in The Founder

‘Addicted to Insanity Radio’ piece published in The Founder


Part of an article on the Channel 4 News website

Breaking away from my posting on the run up to my operation, I just wanted to flag up an article that I’m quoted in about being a teenage girl in Britain today. I’m quite far down, under the heading ‘We have more opportunities’. It’s nothing to do with my operation but have a read anyway! Thanks!

Here’s the link againĀ http://www.channel4.com/news/teenage-girl-2014-culture-society-sex-appearance


Article in The Sunday Times Magazine

I promise there will be more posts very soon, but I wanted to write a quite note about an article about two sufferers of scoliosis in The Sunday Times Magazine today. It was a mother and daughter, both of whom had spinal fusion, and were surprised that it ran in families. I’m not quite sure the last part should be so surprising, as I was aware that there was commonly a family link.
You can read the article at http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/Magazine/article1308528.ece but you need a subscription to read it all unfortunately