Into Film Project: 20 – Peter and Wendy

This is my 20th film for my Into Film project and concerns the ITV drama Peter and Wendy. I chose this film to replace Murderball for International Day of Persons With Disabilities on 3rd December, because I felt that a heart condition is often a hidden disability and so a film following a young cardiac inpatient fits this theme.

If I could use just one word to describe this film it would be ‘magical’. It is actually incredibly hard to review because part of the charm of the film is discovering the little quirks and clever ideas for yourself as you watch it.

One thing that deserves a spoiler-free mention is the superb acting. Being set partly in a hospital, the majority of the cast are children but they were as good as, if not better than, the seasoned professionals around them. They dealt with the strong films extremely maturely and communicated the feelings they were expressing immensely well.

The cinematography was stunning, even though it was only a TV drama and the script was both poignant and funny. An early stand out line was “No-one has to apologise for crying in this place“, a greatly true statement about hospitals and one that I certainly relate to.

A film that will make you laugh and cry in equal measures, Peter and Wendy is spellbinding and a film everyone should take the chance to see. Five stars.


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