Into Film Project: 19 – The IT Crowd

Today’s review is, again, not of a film. Back in November we saw Anti-Bullying Week from 16th and 22nd of the month (as well as Parliament Week). The suggestion from Into Film was Set Fire to the Stars but, with its recent release, I could not find a copy and so instead I have chosen to write about the Channel 4 series, The IT Crowd, which aired its final episode in 2013. I have just finished watching the entire box set on All 4, and as it follows the working life of the geeky underdogs, it seemed fitting for an Anti-Bullying theme.

Spanning 4 series and a double episode special, the IT Crowd ran from 2006 to 2010, with the final special episode airing in September 2013. It followed the careers of Roy Trenneman and Maurice Moss, two IT technicians, and their relationship manager, Jen Barber. Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson are fantastic in their lead roles, so good in fact that I struggle to imagine them playing any other sort of character. Gawky Roy and Moss at first reflect the stereotypical character of an IT technician, but there has been great investment into their character development and the series sees them change and grow in different ways – but still keeping their original charm. There is a growth in the role of the entire

Favourite episodes for me include the first one, entitled Yesterday’s Jam, and the second, where they introduce a new emergency phone number (0118 999 881 999 119 7253). Future series’ highlights include Moss and the German, The Final Countdown and Bad Boys, particularly for O’Dowd and Ayoade’s characters. The IT Crowd is one of the few TV programmes I watch for the strength of the male characters rather than that of the female.

A superb series from Graham Linehan, with relatable characters and hilarious situations, The IT Crowd deserves five stars. It is also true that IT technicians genuinely say “Have you tried turning off and on again?”.

If you enjoyed this review, you might also enjoy this extended remix of the theme tune:


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