A-Z of 2015

Happy New Year! In the spirit of ends and beginnings, I thought I would write a post about 2015. First I thought I could do 2015 in numbers and then felt like that would need too many nice pictures and figures. So instead I thought I would do it in letters.

A is for After Scoliosis – Having caught up with all the backlog of operation stuff in 2014 and with few appointments in 2015, the future of this blog was uncertain. But I published 92 posts, which is on par with 2014 and greater than previous years!

B is for Baptism – I renewed my baptismal vows this year with a wonderful service at St John’s Egham where I got very wet, and I am so grateful I was able to make that public declaration of faith.

C is for Camp – Bredon was replaced with Oswestry but I made it through my 6th camp with the wonderful AL team and wider camp family and am looking forward to next year!

D is for Discharged!! – I was discharged from the Evelina on 14th July!

E is for Election – 2015 saw the General Election, my first chance to influence who runs the country and a night that shocked everyone. It was my first experience of the election night coverage and I made it to 2am, mainly because we were also celebrating the end of English exams.

F is for Faith – I am still very grateful for the Christian faith I hold. It has been strengthened and challenged but I keep trusting Jesus to keep me going.

G is for Grades – I passed my first year of university with a high 2:1!

H is for House – We successfully found, signed for, moved into and are living in my first student house, and are signed up for next year as well. And my housemates are still very wonderful.

I is for Insanity – October saw me present my first show on Insanity Radio and I have now clocked 16 hours presenting and guesting on the station, plus 8 news broadcasts. I cannot express how much I love it, and the amazing insane people involved!

J is for Jobs – In January 2015 I applied for 2 Saturday event based jobs and by the end of the month I had been interviewed for and accepted both positions. I also returned to the temp job I had last summer for two weeks.

K is for Kinder – I ate a lot of Kinder chocolate.

L is for London – I’ve been to London a lot. From Les Mis to libraries and lectures, not to mention the week I spent 4 days in and around the city, I’ve negotiated commuters and the underground but still find joy in seeing the capital every week.

M is for Music – Not only have I had multiple concerts with the Symphony and Chamber Orchestra playing beautiful music, I also have greater knowledge of current pop music thanks to Insanity.

N is for Nine – I have had nine articles published on the Orbital website, many of which also appeared in print. Because…

O is for Orbital – I spent a magnificent 7 months on the Orbital board where I made great friends and gained many skills and improved my confidence. Gutted as I was that my tenure ended abruptly, it has opened so many doors for me and given me time to write much more.

P is for Post-its – My diary lasted a whole 9 months, especially thanks to the many post-its I used for to-do lists, planning and general notes.

Q is for the Queen – I saw the Queen at Royal Ascot. It was glorious.

R is for Reunions – Despite being away from home and old friends for most of the year, there were great reunions with all kinds of people – those I’d seen weeks before and those with a gap of years.

S is for Summer Ball – June was our first experience of Summer Ball. Dressing up in a beautiful dress and spending time with my lovely flatmates and friends were better than the event itself, but glad I went.

T is for Travels – I have branched out in my travelling. We returned to potentially our last family holiday to Spain, but I also tackled multiple solo train journeys, visiting Cambridge, Gobowen and Northwich to name a few new(ish) places.

U is for Union Shop – The campus shop relocated annoyingly close to my old halls and is now run by the SU. It was an exciting news day for the Orbital. It remains pricey.

V is for Volunteering – I’ve done a wide range of volunteering activities. Making mosaics and stewarding the Magna Carta 800 celebrations were highlights, as is my recent work on Coastway Hospital Radio.

W is for World Cup – This year heralded the Rugby World Cup and I had the privilege of working for most of the matches at Twickenham, including seeing England get knocked out and watching New Zealand’s victory. I scanned Prince Harry’s ticket unknowingly, saw Boris Johnson twice, saw Kate and William, and had a conversation with broadcaster Rhodri Jones about sweets. Phenomenal experience with great people.

X is for X-Ray – I had a back X-Ray with a student radiographer who was probably my age, and teeth X-Rays that show my wisdom teeth making an appearance.

Y is for YikYak – YikYak got big on campus, I got a free poster. Once someone made up a rumour the Queen was here. She wasn’t.

Z is for Zzzzz – I love sleep, and you are probably feeling that after ploughing through 900 odd words.

So there you have it, 2015 summed up in less than 1000 words (and yes, I struggled with X, Y and Z!) Bring on 2016!


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