The Sound of Music Live

Sunday night saw the broadcast of The Sound of Music Live on ITV. It had mixed reviews and I caught up with it last night (with this post taking yesterday’s spot in Blogvent).

Firstly I was appalled by the song order, until I realised that it was based on the stage musical and not the film. As most people who know me will know, I know The Sound of Music inside out because in year 6 I was in the class production of it – based on the film rather than the musical. Personally I prefer the film version even though I have now seen this production as there is a much greater period in the film where Georg was away and the children’s relationship with Maria could develop and the viewer can see their transition from controlled to free children.

With the storyline of course remaining much the same, once I got over the songs, which happened about halfway through, especially after the appearance of Alexander Armstrong as Herr Dettweiler. In fact the entire cast were great, especially Kara Tointon as Maria. Her voice was as strong as Julie Andrews and she really managed to express all the nuances of the character, and the love she holds for her husband and adopted children.

Overall it was very hard to tell that the production was indeed live with no noticeable slip ups. Although it’s no replacement for the film for me, it was a fantastic introduction to the stage version of the popular story and well worth watching.


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