MRI and Lego

Again I have missed a day of posting and for that I apologise. But for yesterday’s post I want to talk about the below photo.


This is an MRI machine made out of Lego that I found last week. I can’t remember when I made it but it must have been between my MRI in 2011 and my operation in 2012, part of a Lego hospital I created. There was an ambulance with ramp, a small ward, a pharmacy, a bed on wheels and even a wheelchair but I am most proud of the MRI machine room. The bed slides into the machine through the window across the smooth panels, there are two benches for waiting (one inside and one outside) and there is a full control panel for the operator, who is naturally wearing a helmet as PPE.

Lego is so versatile and I’m glad I found this in order to share how I used it while I was going through my operation.


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