Cuffs Review

Tonight sees the conclusion to the gripping BBC series Cuffs. I have been eagerly anticipating the series for some time and I have not been disappointed.

Following the CID department at fictional South Sussex Police, Cuffs features the acting talents of Amanda Abbington, of Sherlock fame, and rising star Jacob Ifan. Although I knew of very few of the cast before I started watching the show but eight weeks later I wish I could see more of them.

It is the Brighton setting that really enticed me into watching this show and I particularly enjoyed playing spot the location each week. The one thing that annoyed me was the fictional street names but considering they didn’t want to damage the reputation of any real streets, I can understand why they changed the names.

Focusing on family relationships, professional relationships and romantic relationships, Cuffs not only reflects modern policing but modern life in general. The storyline features twists and turns but it has been a thoroughly enjoyable watch and I would recommend it to any fan of police procedurals.


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