Into Film Project 14: 12 Years A Slave

So, the other day, whilst I was sorting out some things in the house, I decided to continue my Into Film Project with 12 Years A Slave, having finally found a way to watch it! This is a film that requires a great deal of concentration and if I’m honest the middle is a little bit long. But then to explain life as a slave for 12 years in 2 hours it’s quite an achievement to get all the information in.

With this being spoiler-free I will say as little as possible, but I did enjoy the beginning and the end. The actors were strong and there was a welcome appearance from Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as Brad Pitt looking surprisingly different to usual. I also loved Hans Zimmer’s score for the film – it sounds similar to his Inception soundtrack so I knew right away who it was!

Ultimately a film you need to give time to, but also useful for anyone studying slavery, 12 Years A Slave provides an insight into the life of black slaves in America in the past. Two stars.


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