Today I am in the midst of essay deadlines again and plagued by broken WiFi and general stress. I chose sleep over a leisurely breakfast and to top everything off, my college card was 86p short of what I needed to buy my bagel, banana and drink for lunch.

However, by some fluke a man from my seminar was behind me in the queue and kindly paid the £5.15 I needed to get my (overpriced) food. So thank you Glen(n) for almost making me cry over your wonderfully kind act, and if you are reading this, I will gladly pay you back for it. It really brightened my day, and is the kind of attitude I would like to have myself.

After my seminar, in which my first essay was handed in, I was resigned to moping back into the library, but again my day was brightened by Anwen offering me a lush brownie, which has again cheered me up.

It’s barely even lunch time and today has seen ups and downs already. Once again I am being reminded about being attentive to what I say, as we looked at in James 3 at Student Life Group the other week. Words make an impact and what you say can often be passed on and distorted. It only takes one word to one person and numbers of people can gain an opinion that is false, which makes things even worse when the information can be traced back to you. Think before you speak, allow others to make their own judgements before imposing yours and be clear about whether your words are fact or speculation. Otherwise everyone just looks bad.

On a side note, my next Into Film Project blog should appear tomorrow.


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