An update: October 2015

I feel like I have not been keeping up with my blog. I am particularly failing at the Into Film Project as I am partly struggling to find the films and partly not having time to watch and review them, but I am vaguely on top of it!

The main reason you have not heard from me is that I have been incredibly busy doing various things and generally using the large number of opportunities available to me whilst I am at university. The following tweet basically sums up how I feel:

To some extent I am not doing all I can, as there are always more things I could be doing. But in a way I am doing all I can, because physically I cannot do everything. And I think my friends would stage an intervention if I signed up for anything else because they think I am too busy. However I think I am the right amount of busy!

Anyway, a snapshot of things I am doing:

  • My degree – I remain a history student and I am taking modules in Tudor and Victorian history this term as well as one of Medieval London which is taught in London, giving me a taste of the commuter life
  • The Orbital Magazine – I am Acting Comment Editor after the elected one became Deputy Editor and hopefully I will take the position officially at the Orbital elections next week. You can see the mini Freshers issue that was predominantly from my section at the bottom of this page.
  • Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra – I am currently seated in the First Violins which is pretty exciting and I am looking forward to getting back into playing some interesting music.
  • Insanity Radio – I spontaneously applied for a show on the student radio station after being a guest and excitingly you can now hear my voice on Mondays from 3-4 on 103.2FM across North Surrey and South East Berkshire or online at OR via the Insanity Radio app for Android and iOS!
  • Work – I am continuing with my two casual Saturday jobs and the Rugby World Cup means constant work for the next few Saturdays, but it’s enjoyable and includes many once in a lifetime opportunities. Plus it’s making up the shortfall in my student loan.
  • Christian Union – I’m still trying to keep some involvement with CU and once work is less hectic I’m excited to get back to helping with Club Mission on SU nights.
  • Church – Let’s not forget attending the lovely St John’s and Student Life Group with a fantastic group of people!

So yes, I am doing a fair amount of things. But I am loving it! Plus living 20 minutes walk away from campus means that I am getting 40 minutes of light exercise 5 days a week plus at least 30 minutes every time I go to work or church, which is doing wonders for my fitness.

There should be an Into Film post tomorrow, but hopefully I will be posting again soon, and contact me if you want to get in touch about ANYTHING!



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