Into Film Project: 5 – The Gamechangers

Yesterday was Day 5 of my Into Film Project and the first time that I could not find the suggested film from my Into Film wallchart. For International Day of Peace the suggestion was Ghandi but in the absence of that film I watched The Gamechangers, the BBC Two factual drama about a Grand Theft Auto controversy in 2002. This is absolutely not about peace, but it demonstrates the harm that violence and violent influences can do.

Initially I thought the film was about the conception of the GTA series but in fact it focused on the legal proceedings surrounding a police shooting and an explicit sex scene that hackers reported existed in the Vice City release of the game. I actually chose to watch the film, as I’m sure many others were, because of Daniel Radcliffe’s part as the protagonist, and he was very good. It was a contrasting role to Harry Potter and The Woman In Black, and definitely more adult, but he carried the role off well.

The portrayal of Christianity in the film was very intense and quite negative. It almost goes without saying that a religion centred around love for each other and from God would frown upon a game like GTA that glorifies violence, robbery and other activities that are hateful to other people. A friend of mine puts across a Christian view in a less aggressive way than the film about GTA V and you can read it here:

A fantastic cast carries off this niche but interesting film that raises a lot more questions than it answers. Two stars.

You can watch it for the next few weeks here: violence, strong language and some sexual content. 


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