Today I went to church. Today I watched Doctor Who. These aren’t strictly linked but there was one thing that both made reference to: compassion. Spoilers for Doctor Who.

The sermon at church was the start of a series on compassion and took a different angle on the feeding of the five thousand. Yes, it is about Jesus feeding a massive crowd of people, but it is also a practical outpouring of his compassion for the people. This compassion is not limited to feeding the people but also nurturing them spiritually through his teaching.

Now, Doctor Who. Close to the end of last night’s series opener Davros engaged in a conversation with the Doctor over why he had been allowed to live. The answer: compassion. In fact it is described as the Doctor’s “greatest indulgence”, as if it is a bad thing. Requesting the Doctor to say “Compassion is wrong” is only emphasising that fact.

So, you can see the two conflicting views on compassion very clearly. Obviously Davros is the evil nemesis in this scenario and some would argue that his view is therefore invalid, but the inference from the end of the episode is that the Doctor, our hero, agrees with him.

But seriously, don’t agree with Davros. In light of the recent migrant crisis, can you really say that compassion is a bad thing? Caring for others and meeting their needs is one of the greatest things we can do. Some people call it a symbol of humanity, but it is more than that, it is something we can model from Jesus, and I feel privileged to be able to do that!


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