Thoughts on blogging (500 words)

This is quite spontaneous and mainly a way of reflecting on things I have been thinking about so I apologise if it is slightly rough. I will have had this blog for 3 years in November. I have enjoyed writing it and I am not thinking of stopping any time soon. But that is not what I am writing about here. Not only do I enjoy writing my blog but I enjoy reading the blogs of others. I love the personal voice that comes from blogs (although this is not exclusively a blog trait) and the way that this allows people who don’t know each other to connect and share experiences of issues, in my case scoliosis. Of course, it is not only strangers whose blogs I read or indeed who read my blog. The first readers of a blog are friends and family and so I write with those in mind. I have many friends with blogs and they are the ones I get email updates for and read most regularly. Yet there are some friends who are not forthcoming with their blog content. I know they write but without an url there is little chance of finding their blog. Moreover if they don’t tell you how to read their work, it is more likely that they actually don’t want those who know them to read anything on the blog. For me this is a really hard concept. I am, for want of a better word, nosey. I want to know everything that is happening and crave instant responses to messages and even blog posts. The internet has probably not been helpful for this – in a physical interaction, anything that isn’t an instant response would just be rude. I am also very inquisitive. One particular friend has a blog that they specifically don’t want me, or indeed anyone else they know, to read. As their friend I will honour that, and I already know from their own attempts that it is near impossible to find via Google. But if I put effort in and really tried to find it, using a combination of search engines and subtly extracting information, I probably could have an url fairly quickly. It doesn’t help that I have loved everything they have written and want to read more. What am I trying to say? I’m not entirely sure. Rest assured, I’m not going to do any crazy googling of anyone’s blogs – if I don’t have an url then I won’t search, I understand the weirdness of knowing people you know read what you write, even though what I write is often for the benefit of those I know. Maybe the main point of this post is demonstrating that I might be a good candidate to work in the secret service – I am particularly good at finding random people I meet! Most likely, this is just a creative outlet for now, but if you are reading this, tell me, what are blogs really for to you?


One thought on “Thoughts on blogging (500 words)

  1. I am still coming to terms with the fact people I know are reading my posts! I’ve had people quoting my very words which is hard to get used to. For me my blog is me at my truest form. It has given me a voice and lets me say the things I would never get the opportunity to say in real life. It let’s me give advice to others which I can later reflect on which in turn helps me. Keep up the writing, fellow blogger! xoxo

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