22nd June 2015: A post I never finished

Upon going through some blog drafts I found this post, last edited at 11:30 on 22nd June 2015 – it was quite enjoyable to write so I hope it is enjoyable to read too!

I am writing this blog post whilst on hold with HMRC to sort out my tax code. I’ve already had an annoying conversation with an automated woman and now two pieces of musak are on repeat. I have no clue how much this is costing me.

This is one of the many administrative tasks I have to do now that I am home – applying for help with health costs from the NHS is next on the list, after they rejected my last application over one mistake.

The post has just arrived and I’ve been informed that my Mobile Tariff is going up – oh joy! It’s only £1 but it’s of little extra benefit to me, so I think I’ll head online and see whether I can get a better deal for less. Bear in mind I’ve now been on hold for at least 15 minutes!

In terms of my mobile, I think that’s another phone call I have to make! I’m actually tempted to try calling them now and then they can have a race with HMRC! I think Virgin’s hold music is way better too… But anyway, it seems like I’ve found a better deal, yet I haven’t got the opportunity to switch.

And that was the point at which my mum came home and we took the phone upstairs while we tidied my room. It took about an hour to get through to HMRC, at which point the phone operator Rhys was extremely helpful and sorted everything out, changing my tax code for all my employers and assuring me my refund was on its way.

My mobile tariff was easily changed with one quick phone call but I am still on the warpath with NHS Business Services over help with health costs – application number 4 is soon to commence but that’s a whole other story.


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