Some current stresses

Since coming home from university I have been enjoying lots of relaxation and generally not doing much. Lists of blog posts I want to write seem to be remaining just lists and not actual posts, but I’m getting quite bored of just sitting around so you’ll probably be hearing a lot more from me this week. My next hospital appointment finally appeared after the last one was on an unsuitable date and it’s in a week and a half. I keep forgetting about it and then I remember and I start to stress. Earlier, curiosity got the better of me as my mum was looking up National Express coaches to London. I didn’t expect or predict that this would be anything to do with the upcoming appointment. She, as usual, said mind your own business, but then, after researching the coaches, called me over and explained that there was a rail strike planned for my appointment day and so we would have to get a coach. I can’t remember if I’ve talked much about my travel sickness, but I get travel sick. Not to the point of actually throwing up (not for a long time anyway) but I feel like I’ll be sick. The physical discomfort can last after the journey as well, depending on how rough the driving was and how focused I was on it. I will have my iPod in for most journeys, which can pass the time, and not talking often makes it feel better. I tend to have a hierarchy of transport methods, with walking featuring quite highly then car/train depending on the length and complication of journey, bus, coach and finally plane. To be honest, I could probably handle a coach journey. I’m going to handle a plane journey of similar length in less than a month’s time. But combining a stressful method of transport with a stressful hospital appointment is not something I’m particularly prepared to put myself through. People of course will say to me to try travel sickness tablets, but for this situation it is not a good option for me. The whole idea of taking tablets makes me want to throw up so they won’t really have the desired effect. And no, I’m not prepared to give it a go when I’m facing a coach journey AND a hospital appointment. This has been a bit of a rambling rant but I hope it’s given some sort of insight to how I’m feeling about the upcoming train strike.


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