Today is International Scoliosis Awareness Day. 2 years, 9 months and a day ago I went into surgery to correct my scoliosis. This year I once again haven’t been able to plan to do anything to raise awareness because of exams and the end of term and so this day has just sort of sprung up on me.

However I did paint my toenails last night, for the first time since my operation (although probably an even longer time). It’s not the best paint job but I am proud to have been able to paint them. Reaching your toes for any person is hard but with scoliosis or recovering from spinal fusion it is near impossible.

Nails for ISAD 2015

Nails for ISAD 2015

I used Essie Lacquered Up for the base and a gold nail art pen to do the lettering details and dots. You probably can’t see it but I wrote ISAD 2015 and then put dots in the shape of curved spines on the big toes.

So to raise awareness today I have painted my nails and worn sandals all day out and about. I doubt this will have impacted many people but at least I’ve done something small. I’ve been trying to raise the profile of scoliosis on campus over the last year so hopefully something I’ve done will have made a difference!!


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