Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to go into London to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, a live performance of many of Murray Gold’s fantastic compositions for the TV show. Putting aside the minor disappointment that my favourite oldies of Doomsday and Westminster Bridge did not make an appearance, it was truly a fantastic show and more than just an orchestral concert. It was focused predominantly on the music for the recent Series 8 and these are some of Gold’s finest works. The National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales were phenomenal in both sound and general performance, and it was great to see Ben Foster conducting too. Peter Davison’s hosting was extremely funny, packed with little jokes and reminiscent of the Five-ish Doctors Reboot. There were monsters involved and the choreography of these was truly superb, often mirroring what we could see on screen.

It was a fantastic introduction to classical music for anyone in the audience who was there solely for the association with the show, and I wanted to share my favourite piece, chosen mainly for its staging:


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