My face and exams

EDIT: This post may be triggering for anyone with an impulse control disorder

I have posted about my essay related stress and now it’s the turn of exam related stress! So the other week I had my two end of year exams and they were my first experience of university level examinations. The idea of a three hour exam wasn’t too daunting after going through A Levels, and I’d stood around for that long doing nothing at work, so that wasn’t much of a worry compared to previous years. Writing three essays in three hours was daunting, but even more so was writing three essays in two hours! But that’s not the point of this post, and I’ll recap exams when I do my course review blogs (hopefully very soon!)

What I wanted to talk about was my face. Because during revision and exams I was repeatedly touching my face, and sometimes my hair. I should say this was NOT anything like Dermotillomania or Trichotillomania – not self harming, and no actively destroying my face and hair. However, I would rub my face with my other hand or twiddle my hair whilst writing and thinking. In one exam I was repeatedly moving my hair from one side of my head to the other, so by the time I came out of the exam I had an extreme side parting.

But back to my face. I tried really hard not to pick at any spots, although I think I failed at that. I did increasingly rub my face with my hands and I now have quite dry skin because I have irritated it and removed some of the dead top skin. So since then I have recognised that I need to moisturise, because my skin needs to recover from all the friction I’ve subjected it to!

Anyway, this was a blog post on my weird face touching in exam stress. That is all.


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