Searched: crying from scoliosis

I was checking my stats yesterday and one search term jumped out at me: ‘crying from scoliosis’. Variations on this term have come up before and I did a previous blog post on this topic here: There’s no point in reiterating what I wrote almost a year ago but I really hate to think of people crying over scoliosis alone, and if this is you searching this then I am absolutely, completely happy for you to contact me via my about page – what you write comes directly to me and will not be published. This goes for anyone reading my blog – and you can contact me about anything I write!

But, addressing the crying people again, do not be ashamed of crying over impending treatment but don’t be consumed by it either. Crying is a really great outlet for what is an incredibly stressful series of events and there are benefits to it. I will leave you with the following video from BBC Newsbeat that I actually watched this morning:


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