I have a list of posts that I want to write for my blog, and one thing on there was ‘Essays’. I have no clue what angle I wanted to take on it, but right now I’m interpreting it as writing about what I call ‘post-essay deadline sickness’.

As a history student I have a lot of essays to write. In total this year I had seven 2,000 word essays and four 3,000 word essays, plus 20 weeks of reflective journal that totalled 10,000 words (although it was only meant to be 250-300 words a week so I went quite far over). That’s an approximate total of 36,000 words for my assessed work this year.

Now let me explain how my deadlines work. I had two essays due in the first week of November. I had two essays due in the first week of December, and then the following week was the deadline for one of my larger ones and 10 weeks of reflective journal, plus a quiz for another module. One large essay to work on over Christmas then one essay due in the second week of February and an essay plan due the following week. A month later I had two due (the week after my birthday) and the following week another large one due plus quiz and reflective journal. My final essay deadline was a month or so later followed by revision for exams finishing two weeks later. So it’s a whirlwind of what I see as badly planned deadlines.

Now, the large volume of words that need to be written at one time cause a great deal of stress. I work hard up to the deadline and once the last one is finished the physical symptoms of stress often manifest themselves. I’m wiped out and my digestion is often messed up as well. It’s got better as the year has gone on but it shows how stress and anxiety still affect me, even though while I’m working I don’t notice it because of the adrenaline.


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