London (Part 2)

So, after yesterday’s impromptu cliffhanger, here is the continuation of my account of my day in London on Wednesday! (You can read part 1 here:

I was on my way to Foyles, a massive bookshop selling every type of book under the sun plus music and stationery and probably other things too. I was meeting my flatmate, who was coming from Les Miserables, and my first stress was that as I headed to browse Foyles I had no signal. So I swept back down the stairs and completely coincidentally saw him enter as I was about to get down to the ground floor. He’d had a fantastic day already so we caught up in the cafe.

In case you were a bit confused, I was not just in London to chat to someone I live with. We were actually there to see David Nicholls in conversation about his new(ish) book Us. In case you don’t know who he is, he also wrote One Day and, my favourite of his, Starter For Ten. I’m not going to say much about what he said but it was amazing to hear something about what was behind his decisions in writing the book and things like that. The best part was that he kindly did a signing after the talk and so we were able to actually talk briefly to him.

Being myself I was cool about it until I actually got to the desk and he said hello and I was just like “What do I say?”. So what better to do than embarrass the person who bought you the ticket by saying he’s just like a character from the book! But I was very happy because I got an autograph and a photo and a minor conversation with a fantastic author. I think we both were kind of speechless over what had just happened and got the train home in very good spirits.

I spoke yesterday about anxiety over the day. This was actually very low level and I was surprisingly OK with half getting lost on the way to St Paul’s and not being able to find a tube that was close to where I ended up! I think it was the happiness over just being in London and having plenty of time to just mooch around. Anxiety usually manifests itself physically for me in thinking I need the loo all the time, and this was something I thought about when I got off the train at Waterloo as usually I would stop off and pay my 30p at the station toilets. In fact I went from leaving the flat around 3pm to just before David Nicholls at 7pm without stopping off at any public toilets, taking the cheaper option of going in Foyles. When I leave somewhere for a journey I almost always stop to go to the loo just before I go. But I was so calm yesterday that I didn’t do this. Even when we got to Waterloo and there was a half an hour wait for the train I didn’t make a detour. I thought about it and made a calculated decision, and probably was dehydrating myself by avoiding liquids, but yesterday shows how far I have come from a year or two ago when irrational thinking ruled my life.

So if you made it through those ramblings, thank you. Yesterday was a phenomenal experience and special thanks goes to George for kindly buying the David Nicholls tickets and taking me along. I am very thankful for my whole day and hope there will be many more lovely days like yesterday to come!


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