London (Part 1)

Every time I go to London I seem to come back in a state of disbelief over what happened. Yesterday was no exception and I am determined to actually blog about it this time. I don’t really go to London much, despite it being 40 minutes on the train, so when I do it’s for a specific event. I will get to that in a second.

Going anywhere fills me with a degree of anxiety. I have to leave the utter comfort zone that is my home and be prepared for my day. I have to make sure I have water, food, iPod, maps, diary, money, tickets, the list goes on. I actually went home and forgot my iPod, Kindle, bus pass and keys, so that was a good start! Anyway, back to yesterday, I had a plan, I had my stuff (although I had to go back for a scarf) and I was very excited.

Trains are the most stressful part of a day out for me, but I bumped into a friend at the station so we were able to chat for most of the journey. Then I got to Waterloo and started my adventure!

Waterloo Station

A new place

I went directly from the station to the tube and the above photo was where I came out. A completely deserted new place for me! It was very exciting. But anyway, I got the Waterloo and City line to Bank and then when I got there was going to set off to St Paul’s. The first issue was that although I brought a map, it didn’t give details of anywhere more than 20 minutes walk from Victoria. I had little clue about where I was heading, which was especially useful when Bank has 9 or so exits onto the street!

However, I used this as an opportunity to explore. I found the Bank of England (hence why the station is called Bank!) and then headed westwards and stumbled upon Love Lane, where I found a tiny green space with a Shakespeare statue that would be a perfect place to sit with some lunch, or just with a friend. I found the Guildhall Art Gallery and a cute church next door, as well as one of many Shaun the Sheep statues! Eventually I did find St Paul’s and wow, it’s quite impressive. I had planned to get the tube at St Paul’s station but then I saw the Millennium Bridge and then thought I might as well cross the bridge.

St Paul's from Millennium Bridge

St Paul’s from Millennium Bridge

I got across and then set about looking for another train station. Blackfriars wasn’t far so I headed over there, not realising that it no longer had an underground service! Once there I reconsidered my options and my best bet was Southwark, so I headed up the road and finally found the Jubilee Line. I still had some time so got the tube to Westminster and walked across Westminster Bridge with Murray Gold blaring on my iPod (one of his compositions for Doctor Who is entitled Westminster Bridge). It’s rare that I get to do this walk leisurely so I savoured it, but I do rather like St Thomas’ and even considered going in to grab some food if it was raining.

St Thomas' from Westminster Bridge

St Thomas’ from Westminster Bridge

By this point I was rather warm and so I stopped for a mini ‘lunch’ (I’d had dinner before I left in the middle of the day so my meals were rather mixed up!). I ate almost under the London Eye which was lovely. Then I started to head towards Waterloo to find the Northern Line. I made it to Hungerford Bridge and decided to instead head for Embankment – they were relatively equidistant and the weather was still nice. So I boarded a tube at Embankment up to Tottenham Court Road towards the real reason I was in London.

I wonder if you have any guesses about what I am referring to? I bet you are wrong, unless you have seen me, in which case it’s not guessing! Well, I am actually going to leave this post here, because it has gone on far too long. Guesses will be gladly received and all will be revealed tomorrow!


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