Facebook and political campaigning

I have spent my day so far revising modern Europe and researching political parties ready to go and vote this evening. I am undecided on who for, and from the point of view of those reading this I will remain that way. I am becoming increasingly irate at the multiple posts from people blatantly promoting their political affiliations. Yes, you want people to vote, but it is a SECRET ballot. I’m starting to feel pressured into voting various ways and victimised for even considering voting in others.
Political campaigning has no place on social media, unless it is for the purpose of encouraging the act of voting. By all means use your right to vote, in fact I implore you to do so – a universal vote was something that men and women fought and died for. If you can’t decide who to vote for, a spoilt ballot is better than just not turning up. People around the world are still fighting for a fair democracy and for us to just sit by and watch others decide the fate of our country is unacceptable.
Now, you may disagree with my earlier point on declaring political affiliations. I don’t feel comfortable being bombarded by the views of people sitting behind their computers or phones. Traditional political campaigning face-to-face prevents subtle confrontation and gives faces to the members of the party. Facebook campaigning is far too ambiguous. Stop pressuring me.

That was far more unstructured and higgledy piggledy than I wanted but I hope I got my point across.


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