Someone is planning for their operation

I logged on to blog about something that I wasn’t fully sure I could finish a coherent post on (faith-related) and so I had a little look at the top searches for the past week. They might be from however many separate people, but they were as follows: scoliosis at the evelina children’s hospital, anxiety and post operative recovery 2015, gassiot house lodge accommodation, savannah lizard st thomas. These are search tags that are very specific to those people who have an operation very similar to mine planned for the near future.

It was the ‘savannah lizard st thomas’ tag that really got me thinking. I had very little information on the ward prior to arrival, partially self-imposed because I didn’t want to read the information pack. But the google search does not help. Because Lizard is barely listed as a part of Savannah on the Evelina website and scoliosis treatment is not mentioned at all. Anyway, if that’s you, please don’t worry! The ward is lovely, really airy and bright, and the nurses were amazing. The food was also really great.

So yeah, that was spontaneous. Not sure what kind of post will come next…


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