Occurrances with the Orbital

The past week or so has involved a lot of deadlines, wrapping up, and occurrences related to the magazine of Royal Holloway’s Student Union: The Orbital.

First thing was the #votebecause aerial photo, taking place on Friday 20th March. This is part of the university’s #votebecause campaign, encouraging us to vote in the upcoming General Election. I won’t say too much more because my involvement with the photo was particularly because the Deputy Editor of the Orbital wanted a journalist to cover the event. I wanted to be there anyway, but I was really excited to be heading over with my notebook and pen to write my first article that had been specifically asked to be written by an editor. And I know that sentence was incredibly badly phrased for someone who is involved in student journalism. Also the title, which the eagle eyed among you will have noticed has been changed! Anyway, said article was published on Tuesday and is here: http://theorbital.co.uk/votebecause/

Which brings me to the second, more significant occurrence. I am, as of last Tuesday, next year’s Deputy Opinion Editor for The Orbital. I am on the Board for a student magazine. Spontaneously. I hadn’t particularly planned on running in the election – I’d been considering it but earlier that day had almost conclusively talked myself out of running for any board position. However, the elections ran and they reached the post of Deputy Opinion Editor and no-one nominated themselves. They passed on to other roles and then went through the unfilled roles again. My flatmate Corrie had already gained the role of Sports and Societies Editor so I thought, actually, maybe I should go for something – and why not a role related to the section I currently write for? So I wrote a speech that consisted of literally 5 words (obviously I elaborated these points!) and ran, admittedly unopposed, for Deputy Opinion Editor, and was officially elected. I am so excited to be working with the whole board, especially the Opinion Editor, and being able to have an influence on the magazine (rather than vaguely criticising it from the outside).

Other things that happened in the past week or so: starting work (I think a blog on that is required), my birthday (first one away from home but still had a thoroughly lovely time), drinks with the flat at the Writer’s Showcase evening (pity we couldn’t hear a lot of the pieces but nice to catch up with flatmates and their significant others), I mentioned essay submissions, and I think that’s about it.

Oh, actually, I also fell over yesterday, falling off a kerb in the forest into a flowerbed. I was wearing tights so I had primary school style holey tights covered in blood. In terms of injury, I’m fine, just a couple of grazes on my left knee, but I’m not keen on dressing it because of the pain of taking the plaster substitute off!

Anyway, that’s my Orbital/life update!


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