Dvorak Symphony No. 8

This is a recording of one of my favourite symphonies ever. I fell in love with it in my second year in BHJYO (Brighton and Hove Junior Youth Orchestra) when we played a concert with all three of the city’s youth orchestras and the BHYP (Brighton and Hove Youth Philharmonia) played a couple of movements (I think the 2nd and 4th movements).

I largely forgot this until three years later, when I was in my second year in BHYP, as a first violin, and we got our turn to play this symphony. It’s just so beautiful, especially filling the churches in which we performed it.

Now I have a feeling that it is in current BHYP repetoire but have no way of confirming this (until I return home and check the programme for the concert that I saw at Christmas in which this season’s symphonies were played!). I was reminded about it again today when it was mentioned by someone in orchestra, and I would fully take up the opportunity to play it again if it arose.

Those Russians know how to create some weird and wonderful music. And on that subject, anyone in the Egham area should come to the Russian Spectacular concert tomorrow by the Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra, in the Windsor Auditorium on campus. We will be serenading you with Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky; Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto no.1; and Russian Easter Overture by Rimsky Korsakov. Free for students and £11 for anyone else.


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