“Go to bed, you don’t have to stay up”

The title of this post is a paraphrase of what my flatmate said to me about an hour or so ago. They had been out and one (I’d say even both) of them had drunk a little too much. My door was open as I had just returned from CU Dinner With Friends so I went out to see if I could help, and they said “no, no, just go to bed”. But I wanted a glass of water anyway so went with them to the kitchen.

Of the three of us I was the only one with bread so I ended up making toast (or defrosted bread) for them and chatting, mainly about what had happened in the night and life in general. Water was also present in abundance. And then I assisted in releasing the female flatmate from her jumpsuit (how did you even put it on it looks like a palaver for one person!), which was useful seeing as the other flatmate who went out was male.

But initially they did say “no, you didn’t need to have stayed up”. Well, firstly I didn’t. Thursdays have swiftly become the new Fridays on campus and with loud music eminating from various places nearby it’s more productive to stay up than wrestle with the fact you’ve been in bed for ages and can’t sleep. Also I tend to work better in the evenings. But I stayed up to help because I wanted to. Because I didn’t want there to be any awkwardness when she can’t get out of her dress. Because I wanted to be a listening ear, and quite frankly I love hearing stories. Because I know being sober I definitely had the most authoritative position, and I hope I diffused any tensions between the drunken female and the male who just wanted to sleep.

And a note to those who were involved: DON’T BE SORRY! I hope I looked after you well!


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