CRY ECG Heart Screening

I am currently sitting in the Student Union bar waiting for a ECG screening. Don’t panic, I’m not worried about my heart, but the SU have organised free screening for students through the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). Also I should say they are not actually doing screenings in the bar, it’s just the closest place to get some free water!

Anyway I have moved to the main hall to wait, and I am a little nervous. The last time I had an ECG was at my pre-op back in August 2012 and I remember it was the least stressful bit of the day. However I am finding it so hard to relax right now! I know that it is painless and will be valuable to just check there is nothing wrong but I guess waiting is the hard thing!

My flatmate has SVT and I have seen her after an episode feeling really wiped out, even though normally she is completely fine. So I do urge you to take opportunities like this to just check there is nothing wrong. Now I just need to calm down!!


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