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A word on the title. I couldn’t think of one. But the permalink address is /29944 so I added that bit on.

When I went home last week something happened. Someone was rushed to hospital. And as a church family we rallied to support them. Except obviously that altered our plans somewhat. And, as things do, it all worked out fine in the end and I didn’t miss out on anything that I went home to do. The patient is also on the mend.

Anyway, by 2:45 on the Saturday it was time for me to head back to university, as I had a job induction on the Sunday. And I walked off to the train station up the road, and I really felt like I was escaping. Like everyone else had to live with the disruption and worry while I could just get on a train, steam away, and forget about it all.

University is a bit of a different world. Good for us. Bad for everyone who isn’t in it. And when things happen away from university it can be hard to bring those issues into your university life. I can think of at least two examples of this right off the top of my head.

Not sure how to end this post, it has kind of just been spontaneous ramblings. But yeah, thoughts on this might be interesting to hear.


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