The calmness of my day

Today I was theoretically meant to be out of the house for over 11 hours. I had just about space to write everything down in my diary, and had to meticulously schedule each portion of my day in order to cope with where I was meant to be at each time. I sorted out a packed lunch including cold chicken goujons and potato wedges cooked yesterday. I got my tea ready in the morning.

And so it began, brisk walk to Founders to get a lift to Virginia Water to sign a tenancy agreement to drive back to have coffee in Crosslands to go on to my seminar to go to a skills workshop to go to an induction to grab some more food to head out to Orchestra to come back home and cook and eat to then Skype my friend and go to bed. Much stress, yes?

Except it wasn’t. I was stressed on Tuesday, I was a bit stressed this morning, but once I got going I just wasn’t. I could cope with the day and the busyness. And I think I have worked out why. You see, I was praying last night. Yes, PRAYING to God for the ability to cope and succeed with my day, not to stress and be calm. And it worked. It really worked. And that was something I wanted to explain to the people who saw me full of energy earlier despite my complaints of potential stress made on Tuesday. (Also God fixed it so that my schedule was not quite as full on!)


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