I am Titanium

I don’t know if you have ever heard the song Titanium by David Guetta, but I particularly like it. It’s probably under the genre of dance/house music, but not massive bass or anything – the sort of music I would like to hear when I’m out (which is barely ever). BUT, I did go out last night with Jess and Amie, for the History and Classics takeover at the Student Union – ALTHOUGH NO ONE WAS IN COSTUME! So, lesson for you, people don’t take notice of themed nights…

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the SU, and we initially were going out for the History Society Pub Crawl beforehand (but due to lateness, slow speed at eating food, and general lack of interest, we didn’t make it). We then planned to join the pub crawl at the final venue, but in the end just went straight to the Union, mainly cos it was cheaper before half 10 and quite empty. The crowding of the venue is what really gets me; I’m not great with crowds of people even without having a scar on my back. “Oh but your scar doesn’t hurt” is a true statement, but I’m more worried about people bumping it and also my nerves are still a bit messed up so a tiny spot or something can spread discomfort over an entire area. And then you have the bass. The music when we arrived was absolutely rubbish, basically all bass, and you can REALLY feel it. Luckily in getting there early we managed to claim a sofa and just sat down for a fair while, as well as actually being able to go to the bar (and coming from Brighton, drinking at the SU is VERY cheap comparatively, although they seem to have a problem with non-alcoholic drinks supposedly).

Anyway, back to feeling the bass. Having had surgery at 16, I have absolutely no idea how a normal person feels when in a crowded room with heavy bass, but I can really feel it in my spine. To be honest it is more in my lower back, where I don’t think I have any metal, but I wonder whether the metal has an effect. Because, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I am literally Titanium, the other reason why I love the song. I have Titanium rods in my back. I am Titanium.

That would’ve been a great place to end my blog, but I feel I should briefly summarise the rest of yesterday evening. We did manage to find Clem in costume when we arrived, which made four of us! One of my flatmates arrived a hour or so after we got there, another one arrived about an hour after that, bumped into another one as we left. Jess’ flatmates arrived at some point, we saw some other people on the course, and said hello to the CU setting up for Club Mission. And of course we ended the night with free water and doughnuts courtesy of them! Even though none of us were drunk, we were thirsty and hungry (with it being the middle of the night), and we were able to chat about our experiences of Club Mission and how cold it is! After all that, we returned to mine, had cups of tea, and then gratefully went our separate ways and climbed into our respective beds. And let me tell you, curling up in bed was great.

Oh, and here’s Titanium!


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