Hope for the Trypanophobics

The lifelong pain of being a premature baby article

Article from The Times, c. May 2010

Over 4 years ago now I posted this article on Facebook from The Times, captioned ‘THE REASON FOR MY NEEDLE PHOBIA’. It definitely helped me rationalise my fear of needles and gives me an excuse to scream and shout when anyone comes near me with one! I guess it shouldn’t, and I really should stop doing that, but anyway.

Today I came across some hope for us trypanophobics! You can read the whole story here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30309216 but the essence is that they have created an alternative to the hypodermic needle which is a soft microneedle pad that theoretically causes no pain or scarring. It also could revolutionise the way vaccines are administered in the developing world and prevent needle related injuries that contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS. I can only hope that they develop this concept further so that babies don’t end up like me and I can stop fearing blood tests and vaccinations!


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