Anniversaries and that kinda stuff

So, I was sitting in rehearsal today (come to Symphony Orchestra concert on Wednesday, hint hint!) and was thinking very much about today’s date. It is the 30th November and exactly a year ago on this date, me and my best friends went up to London to celebrate our 18th birthdays. We saw Wicked and went down Oxford Street and Regents Street and Covent Garden, taking in all that London has to offer at this christmassy time. It was an AMAZING day and I have so many happy memories from it. [You can read more about this and other November/December events here:]

Thinking back, yesterday was the 29th November. It goes to show how much time has passed because it was four years ago, on a Monday, that I went down to the hospital for a check up that I thought was just going to be a routine “You’re fine, go home”. Alas, it was not, hence I am writing this blog on everything to do with scoliosis and my life. [You can read more about this here:]

29th November was also the date that I started this blog, two years ago! So that’s me on my two year anniversary already – and up to date as well!!

Sadly, 1st December is tomorrow, and that holds less happy memories. This time last year we were coping with having my grandma, newly blind, in hospital and then suddenly, as I woke up on 2nd December, I learned that we didn’t have to anymore. So, that was very sad for us all, and stressful as I had the school awards ceremony in which I was playing in the orchestra for the majority. [I touch on this briefly in the post about Wicked] Said awards ceremony is taking place again tomorrow, making 1st December another landmark anniversary as this will be my last year attending said event.

I think that’s all I can muster today, so I guess I will post again soon.


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