Why I went to Church today

So, if you have seen me today you will know that I overslept. I woke up at 8:15, thought “Oh, it’ll be fine, my alarm will go off in 45 minutes”…the next thing I knew, it was 11:15. Now, it’s a Sunday today and that means church…the church service that starts at 11 o’clock. I was fairly panicked as I’d never overslept that much, but Elodie as usual told me to stop stressing and that it was fine to miss church, a sentiment reiterated by George when he saw me. However I was determined to go for the end, especially as it was a student lunch day.

Now, part of me thought “well, I’ll just go to Christ Church in the evening” but I didn’t really want to do that. Nothing against Christ Church, but I just didn’t ‘feel’ like going, especially not being used to having a day in on a Sunday, and going to an evening service is still very alien, and will probably remain that way. I still figured I could make some of the service at St John’s! And I did make it, albeit missing the sermon (which I will be listening to if it goes online!), and I was there in time for communion.

But why did I bother at all? Why did I not take Elodie’s advice and have a day to chill and sleep? Well it’s hard to explain in a way, which is why I’m blogging and didn’t say all these things to people I saw half asleep this morning. But I’ll do a list, because that’s easier than forming coherent sentences!

  1. Seeing church family – Church is not a building but people! There are verses in the bible to say this, but I cannot find them at this present moment (definitely something in Acts about “when two or more meet together Jesus is there”). Therefore, I want to be able to connect with the other members of the church family and encourage them, even if it’s just by being there. I have friends at church, particularly fellow students, and I would hate to miss out on spending time with them.
  2. Hearing God’s word – Granted, I didn’t actually get to do this today because I was so late! But I got to hear encouraging things about the sermon and usually I also get to hear what a particular passage means and how we can apply it, which will help me live as a Christian.
  3. Worshipping God – I’ve discovered anew how amazing it is to worship God with others and sing to him. It’s a great way to remember who he is and what he’s done – the one song I actually made it there in time to sing was Better is One Day by Matt Redman, and the chorus really reminds me of how amazing heaven will be!
  4. Eating food – OK, it was a student lunch day, which meant that there would be free food. But even when it’s not student lunch we usually get food as a group of students, so that’s not really the point. It’s great to spend more time with others and building relationships too!

OK, yes I did get a bit of stick from the other students for being so late, but it was light hearted and encouraging. It was great too to wake up to a text from the leader of the walking bus to make sure I was OK – it’s like we’re all puzzle pieces and great to realise that it makes an impact when someone is missing.

So yeah, here are my spontaneous musings on why I did make the effort to go to church this morning. Please do comment and ask me questions off the back of this – I still probably didn’t explain things eloquently enough!

Also, still looking for Christian student experiences (hint, hint! I have none…)


One thought on “Why I went to Church today

  1. Glad to see some of your story and that you are doing so well post surgery. I went to university 5 years after surgery and didn’t have any significant problems!

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