Christianity at University Part 2: CU

SO, I have come on to part 2 of my blog posts on being a Christian at university. Today’s post (in case you didn’t read the title) is on Christian Union and associated events. I’ll try not to make it as long as the previous post!

The first thing I will say is that you should definitely go along to the first Christian Union meeting (and all the subsequent ones as well…). For a start they have free food (and if they don’t you should certainly go and get them to change that!), and the people are really nice. You get great bible teaching on your doorstep and hopefully an introduction to some local churches, which should make the church choice I talked about last time a bit easier! I found it was quite chilled, we could chat, and then there was a talk and worship, which is great at all times, but particularly during freshers’ week when all is a bit manic!

As well as CU meetings, any good CU will be doing LOADS outside of that as well. We have prayer two mornings a week – haven’t quite made it to that yet, but I did go on a prayer walk last Friday to the lovely Virginia Water, and it was really great to see some of God’s amazing creation and pray. They also organised ‘Dinner with Friends’ last week, where groups of us went to other students’ houses and had a free meal (and also games and a film, but I can’t guarantee that happened everywhere!).

However, one of the best things that the CU does is Club Mission (and anyone who knows me will know about this because I have been talking about it ALL week). As you may know, universities can be a little bit of a drinking hub, particularly on a Friday night and particularly at the Student Union (although this may be more of a Holloway specific thing because there’s nowhere else to go). So, to help out those who are slightly worse for wear, we stand outside the SU handing out free water, doughnuts and crisps. Everyone who comes up to us is really grateful and it hopefully helps them sober up a little bit! It’s a great way to share God’s love and it’s quite fun walking round campus at 2 in the morning on a prayer walk.

On the subject of free donuts, there is also Dial-a-donut TONIGHT from 9pm – information on the poster below.

Dial a Donut TONIGHT
Dial a Donut TONIGHT

And please, contact me with any experiences to contribute to a later post in this ‘series’ – you know you want to…


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