Why Give Blood?

I promise that I will post about starting university soon, but today I want to write briefly on the issue of giving blood. I personally cannot give blood, and should I have been able to, I cannot tell you whether I would have the courage to actually give blood, due to Trypanophobia. However, I would hope that the reasons I will outline below would persuade me to face my fears!

OK, so you probably won’t know that I received 2 blood transfusions at just a few days old. They were only about one tablespoon each but it still meant that 2 separate people potentially saved my  life. As a premature baby I could not produce my own blood, so my transfusions were there to replace the blood that they had taken from me to check I was OK. Despite this maybe not being a life threatening reason for me receiving blood, it was enough to make my oxygen levels increase and improve my general overall health. For my mum, a blood transfusion was literally life saving. She, I believe, received 11 units of blood, meaning that 11 people gave blood to save her life. For context, the human body contains 10 pints of blood, so my mum received more than a whole body’s worth of blood.

In addition to this, blood banks mean that operations like mine can be more safely undertaken – if there hadn’t been stocks of blood for me, they probably wouldn’t have operated unless it was life threatening.

The local newspaper did two features on blood donation, and I am featured in these, so the links are below:



BASICALLY GIVING BLOOD SAVES ORDINARY LIVES LIKE ME. So if you’re on campus today, go to the SU, give blood, and also get some free food!!


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