26th September 2014

Today is the 26th September 2014, I am two years post-op, and am finally up to date with this blog! A lot has changed in the last two years – I have moved out for one thing, and am now at university (more on that at a later point!). Today I have been round the Welcome Fayre, signing up to societies, had my first lecture, and am now generally chilling and writing this blog. In contrast, this time two years ago I was drugged up, lying in a bed in pain, and generally having a rubbish time!

I have come so far since that ghastly day – I am now completely back to normal, although my back is slightly tender after sleeping in a new bed at the moment. I have won a writing competition, played some very long orchestra concerts, been to a number of comedy shows, overcome anxiety, volunteered, had a job and done so much more – you can read about it all in my previous posts.

Don’t fear, this blog will still continue, but it will be updated as and when things happen, and have more of the focus on my life rather than my back – for a start it’s all normal, and I’m not defined by my operation! I will type again soon with some insights into university, and check my previous post for information on my first job!


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