August/September 2014: Volunteering (Library, Dig Whitehawk), Results Day and work

So, I have reached August, which means I am nearly up to date with this blog. I spent the first couple of days in August still at Bredon, and then I came home full of encouragement and Bredon blues. Anyway, before I went I had an induction at the library, ready to volunteer with the Summer Reading Challenge. This is a national scheme for primary school children, where they read 6 books over the summer and receive prizes for doing so – including a medal, a maze and a DVD voucher. It was really fun to volunteer, and I did about 25 hours over the whole summer. I particularly enjoyed seeing the children complete the challenge and talk about all their books. As part of this I planned and ran a Writing Workshop – which I write about in the following posts:

I continued my volunteering at Books Alive, but also spent a week on an archaeological dig at Whitehawk. This was quite interesting, but really not a future career for me, or very exciting. It was a great opportunity, but not enjoyable really – the people were nice, but most much older than me, and the work was really tiring. I did learn a few skills, particularly excavation and section drawing. The latter was probably my favourite part, and I was fairly good at it. I’m sure that archaeology is fun for some people, but I won’t be doing it again.

Midway through the archaeological dig it was results day, and I did really well. I got into Royal Holloway to do History, and my friends got what they wanted too. We had an ice cream afterwards, at a place where I had last gone the weekend before my operation, and also had a meal in the evening. The following day I met up with my orchestra friends to watch Miranda.

Apart from meeting up with friends, the remainder of August consisted of chilling and work – my first real job at Varndean College, doing start of year admin. This was a great job, and really enjoyable. For three days I sat at a desk taking ID and various forms from the students, welcoming them and taking photos. The other four days were spent doing data entry with contact details and exam results being put onto the system – I did about 75 files of exam results on one of the days! The people I worked with were all really nice, and all had a link to the college through a parent/husband (or being friends with some who did).

Once done with work, life was full of university preparations! And therefore my next post will be on moving to university – putting aside a very special post on the 2nd anniversary of my operation date!


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