Bredon 2014: Why be an M&M?

So, in the last week of July 2014, I spent my time at Bredon, as usual. However, I was there in a different capacity this year – I was an M&M! This is an assistant leader for anyone unaware of Bredon terminology. It was a nerve racking change in some ways, because I have been so used to being a member and now suddenly I was in the same environment but with a different role. However, I suffered no more than the usual start of camp jitters, and was really welcomed. So, I now present my list of reasons to come to camp as an M&M:

1. There’s much more Bible study – Not only do we have the morning and evening meetings, but we also have a longer early morning bible study, an in depth ‘wordsearch’ (seminar), and our own talk.

2. We look at a whole book in a week – This year we studied Philippians (through the M&M talk and bible studies), and it was really useful and encouraging to read and study a book all at once – especially seeing the links between passages and themes that run through.

3. You lead your own Bible study – It sounds daunting at first, but it’s a great experience to look at a passage and work out the meaning and how to explain this to other members of the group. We were in bible study groups of about 6 people and a leader, so during preparation we were able to get help and feedback from someone who knew more about what’s going on.

4. There are amazing leaders – All the Bredon leaders are great, but being an M&M means that you get to know the M&M leaders really well, and they are so encouraging. It’s a different dynamic to being in a dorm, but you still get the opportunities to chat through things, and build relationships with twice as many leaders.

5. The other M&Ms are some of the best people (and the craziest) – One benefit is actually being allowed to stay up late, and after busy days it’s nice to get to know everyone in the M&M lounge, often preparing for the next morning or playing games. That said, the introduction of early night Wednesday was very welcome, as 3am is not a sensible time for people to stay up until (not myself, I must add). It was great to get to know new people and build old friendships as well.

6. You get to serve a brilliant camp – As a member it’s hard to see sometimes what is done behind the scenes to allow camp to run. Decorating the site is a big part, and then once members arrive we do drinks, tidy up and clean the members’ areas and set up for games. That said, it’s definitely not as much work as it can seem – there’s so many of us to do it so it doesn’t take long and everyone helps out.

Before I end, I should probably explain the requirements for being an M&M: over 18, DBS checked (you can have one done when you fill in the new leader form, but get it in early otherwise you can’t come), and respectful towards Christianity (you don’t have to be a Christian, but it is a Christian environment). I’m sure if any leaders are reading, they will comment with anything I’ve missed.

Bredon was, once again, the greatest week of my year, and I look forward to returning to serve again next year. I’ll leave you with this year’s video, in which you can see the M&Ms singing:

If you’re interested, do get in touch and I will pass you onto the relevant people when the time comes!


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