July 2014: Hope, BYO and Bournemouth

So, July 2014 brought with it a lot of freedom, especially compared to the revision of the previous months. However, from 2nd to 5th July I decided to give up some of my new found time to help with Hope 2014, a mission run by Holland Road Baptist Church. This isn’t my church, but a friend invited me to come along and take part and so I decided to go for it. Entering the church on the Wednesday morning was pretty nerve racking but people made me welcome and my nerves settled. My first day was spent at Davidgor and Somerhill Schools – laminating and cutting signs for their new classroom followed by gardening. It was pretty tiring, and my back ached, but it was great to give back to the community. The second day was gardening at Davigdor and Somerhill (but in different areas), and my third was more laminating and cutting at Davigdor (with lunch in nearby St Ann’s Well Gardens). This was hard on my knees, but I met a lovely woman (I cannot remember a name, sorry!) with a daughter called Ruby who had suspected scoliosis, so it was really nice to chat about my operation and give some reassurance (and also advice that the consultant I saw at Brighton was rubbish!). My fourth and final day was at Carden School, doing yet more gardening! My back hurt, but I didn’t mind as it was for a good cause. Jonny from Holland Road does a much better job than me of explaining Hope 2014 here: http://hrbc.org.uk/magazine/hope-2014/ (I am in the middle of the photo wearing the fetching purple cagoule)

The following Friday was the final BYO concert of the year, actually the post-tour concert (I didn’t go on tour because of busyness and coach sickness issues). My friends got me a lovely keyring and dish to put my keys in as well as a card to say goodbye because of leaving to go to university, which was really amazing. The concert was good too, especially Lord of the Dance, which is my new favourite piece! And at the end I got a rose for being a leaver, and also bought a sticker to go on my violin case to remind me of the orchestra.

The rest of the month consisted of my final violin lesson (actually during Hope), meeting up with friends and volunteering, as well as two trips away. I went to Bournemouth with my parents, which was great and really relaxing. We had some lovely food, good shopping and a chance to chill, as well as me joining the National Trust – we visited Brownsea Island and Kingston Lacy too. The other holiday was Bredon, where I was an assistant leader (M&M as we call them), and this was far too busy for me to write about here, so will have its own separate post.

Therefore, while you’re waiting for said post, I will leave you with Lord of the Dance:


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