June 2014: Exams

So, we’ve reached June 2014, and this was a period full of exams. I had done a fair amount of revision and, straight after half term, my first exam was History – 2 hours on Germany 1900-45. The questions were pretty much as predicted – war economy and the Weimar Republic. I did feel like bursting into tears though as I hated the former and the latter was a question that covered twice as much as the ones we practised. However I soon calmed down and answered all the questions within the time. After it was over I went home, had a break, and then revised for my English exam the next day.

English was a 2 and a half hour exam. To be honest I cannot remember the exam at all, apart from the Language Change question on hair care and everyone needing the loo and only having one invigilator. After it was done I had a whole week and a half before my Maths exams. I took a day to relax and then it was into C3 and C4 revision. I think I must have had a few fun things to do but it was mainly work.

My C3 and C4 Maths exams were OK, although pretty tough, and I smacked my head at the end of C3 on the slanted ceiling! The only exam remaining was S2, my Maths Statistics exam. That was 6 days after my C4 exam, on Tuesday 24th June. It was alright, although I missed out a figure and had to redo half a question. After the exam I had a rehearsal for the school concert the following day and then joined two friends (Laura and Burnie) to go into town. We stopped off at Greggs for some food, browsed the shops, and went to the cinema to see 22 Jump Street. It was way better than I expected and really funny. It was a great way to celebrate end of exams.

You might have been thinking “how did you cope with sitting in such long exams?”. Well, I had permission from the exams officers to take a cushion into my exam, which I did, but it actually was a little annoying. When it was hot it made my back really hot and sweaty too! But it did help in uncomfy chairs!!

The remainder of June was full of relaxation, but I also performed the second movement of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto at the school classical concert. I duetted with my friend Monique, and I think it went really well, especially being nervous beforehand.

June was a very stressful month, but went very well – tomorrow means July and much more relaxation!


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