May 2014

I am very behind schedule in posting so I will make this brief. A few notable things happened in May, but mainly I was revising.


The first weekend in May, including the bank holiday means Bible By The Beach, a great bible conference in Eastbourne. This was the sixth year, and I am pleased that we have been there from the start. This year was as good as all the others. It was my last year going as a young person and therefore my last year in ‘The Cave’. If you’re thinking of going to BBTB and are worried about your children, please don’t be! The youth and children’s work is amazing and I will take this opportunity to thank Alan and Kirsten and the rest of the Cave team past and present for providing a really fun weekend every year and great, faithful bible teaching. We also had a great time as a family with meals out, shopping and time to chill (and revise).


The following weekend was another busy one, at least on the Saturday, as me and my mum went to see the musical Once. It had been recommended to me and then when I saw that Arthur Darvill was in it, I really wanted go! So, we took time out of my revision and took the train up to London. I was a little nervous as usual, but it soon subsided. We had some substandard paninis in Starbucks and then went into Foyles – there were so many books!! The musical itself was fantastic, a nice story, beautiful music, and an amazing cast. I don’t want to say more in case I spoil it!

Leaving sixth form

I also had the monumental event that was leaving sixth form! We had a lovely assembly to say goodbye with tributes from the form tutors and our old year head. After that we had a year photo and awards voted for by our peers – I jointly won the award of most likely to be head of Newman. We took some great photos too and it was a good send off.

So, that’s about it for May, apart from the very important 20 month post-op, which you will hear about tomorrow!


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