March 2014: EIGHTEEN!!

So, March 2014 marked the month of my 18th birthday, as well as my 18 month post-op anniversary! However, before all that we had our EPIC weekend away, our last ever one! It was really fun, but was actually only a half day Saturday and then the Sunday and it wasn’t long enough! This year I felt so much better than in January 2013 and obviously my back was a lot better too!

Anyway, onto the excitement of my 18th birthday! We booked a nice meal at the Hilton Metropole on the evening of my birthday, which I was partly excited about and partly nervous about. The only alcoholic drink I had was a glass of wine and had a lovely steak and chips, although not really nice enough to justify the high price. After that, my parents had ordered a massive chocolate cake covered in cream, and to be honest it was a little bit too much. I had a little bit but then felt quite sick so we got a taxi home sharpish. It was alright though because we took the cake home. It was a very nice day.

The following day we had my aunt, uncle and cousins down for a family roast dinner. That was really great and not as stressful as going out. They gave me a Pandora bracelet, which is lovely, but I really wish there was a scoliosis charm for it so I could buy one to commemorate my operation! The other meal I had for my birthday was with my friends, at Cafe Rouge a couple of weeks later. That was great too, and we finished with strawberries and chocolate cream pie at my house.

There’s not all that much left to say about March, so I hope I’ve given some idea of how I celebrated my birthday – feel free to copy if you’re stuck for ideas!!


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