April 2014

I am currently writing this during April 2014, and hopefully it will be online in the not too distant future… Anyway, I am now over 18 months post-op – WOW! If my operation were childbirth, I would now have a walking, talking toddler! It’s weird to think how fast the time has gone, and how much I forget!

So, what’s happened this month:

Lower School Assemblies

As part of leading CU, the chaplain at school likes us to do two lots of sixth form led assemblies straddling Easter – one lot about the cross, and one lot about the resurrection. There are 5 year groups, so it’s basically a week of mornings spent doing a 15 minute assembly which ends up being a bit longer because of the notices. It was based around the Catholic Stations of the Cross, which was a bit annoying seeing as I’m not a Catholic, but we basically just looked at it as events leading to Jesus’ death, and events after Jesus rose again. We did three Stations for each assembly, and each station had a bible reading, reflection, and prayer, and we ended the whole assembly with a song. So, in summary, I chose 6 bible readings in total, wrote 6 lots of reflections and prayers, chose 2 songs, and spoke in a total of 10 assemblies, as well as stressing over admin and people turning up and making two powerpoints (wrestling over text size and whether the reading should remain on or off the slide while I was talking).

Basically, I am really pleased that I was able to talk in front of 350 people in each assembly, and to spread the good news about Jesus – it shows how much my confidence has grown!


Once the Easter holidays had begun I began the joy of revision! Hooray! I found a great revision website (http://www.examtime.com) which lets you make a calendar of revision and share resources, a bit like GetRevising but much better!

My English teacher told us to do 5 hours of English revision per day… I didn’t. Imagine, if I spent 5 hours a day for each subject – that would be 15 in all! I think I managed about 10 hours a week for English and History each, and about 3 for Maths (my Maths exams are almost 2 weeks after the others). Don’t worry about the time you’re spending doing revision though, if you do too much then it might not go into your head, so try and revise in moderation and give yourself plenty of breaks, don’t be afraid to have a day off and try and chill if it all gets too much – however, you will have to revise a bit if you want to pass!

Holiday Club

For the first week of the Easter holidays I helped out at our church holiday club, where I did audio and visual stuff. It went pretty much without a hitch, except for a microphone breaking and not being able to see the projector. There were over 100 children across the week, great talks and leaders, and cake. We had a barn dance on the Friday night, which was fairly well attended, although I mainly went for the burgers and doughnuts!

Fun stuff

I have allowed myself to have fun this month! The main thing we did was see Miranda live at the Brighton Centre, and it was amazing, I will be buying the DVD of her What I Call Live Show, and I recommend you do too if you like Miranda.

On Wednesday 9th April I went to an upcycling workshop run by Traid at Brighton Museum – read about it here: https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/12898346/12260/. I returned to the museum the following week to meet members of the Youth Panel for the Imperial War Museum with a talk about the usage of the Royal Pavilion during WWI – it was an Indian hospital and then a hospital for limbless British men.

I visited the new Waitrose, which was rather nice but I still prefer the old Co-op. I drove up there, and also got some driving practice up to visit my Auntie Sue in Burgess Hill via someone in Haywards Heath, although I still failed my driving test – I was on the same route as my first test, but had the same examiner as in my second test. That knocked my confidence a lot, but hopefully I’ll pass next time.

Oh, and I had lots of food. I went for a Chinese buffet with everyone who does music at church – it was much better than I expected, and I actually ate 3 courses (Mixed Hor D’oeuvres, duck pancakes, and Stir Fried Ginger & Spring Onion Chicken with noodles). It was my friend Lara’s birthday, so a bunch of us went to Donatello’s, which is a great Italian restaurant in town (there was a photo of Miranda on the wall which we all loved), and I had some nice breaded chicken and spaghetti. I also went to Brighton Marina, where there is a Pizza Hut, on Easter Monday with a couple of friends to celebrate one of them ending her Lent fast.


The back’s been a bit annoying, but mainly because of stress rather than any issues. I’m still getting away with not bringing in textbooks etc., obviously I will milk this for as long as possible! We’ve also been waiting for an appointment at the Evelina, which they think will be the last time I go to the Children’s Hospital, but I should be referred to Guys after this. It should be coming up in May. We’re waiting for the publication of Backbone, the bi-yearly SAUK magazine, where I am featured – seasoned blog readers will know that already though!

Well, that’s about it for April (although there are a couple of days left as I write this), so if anything lifeshattering happens in May, I guess that’ll be my next post!


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