January 2014: Feeling ill…

I had actually planned for monthly posts to stop by the time I caught up to January 2014, however I haven’t caught up yet (I’m writing this in March, still writing it in April, I’ll probably publish in June if I’m lucky! And it’ll probably be more like next January at this rate!). My January post is basically about me getting ill with a stomach bug – if you don’t like the thought of that, maybe read some of my tamer earlier posts or maybe my next one!

I have always been a very well person. I strive for 100% attendance at school/college, although that was scuppered by the many appointments we had to attend in London (although the system has changed now so that authorised absences count as attendance at school). I have barely ever taken time off school for illness – once in Year 2 I missed a school trip to the beach (I live in Hove so that is basically by the beach anyway but still, I was devastated to miss the fun of the trip), I got chicken pox in Year 6 but on the day after we broke up for Easter! I can’t remember any illnesses during secondary school.

However a few weeks into the new term after Christmas I was hit with a stomach bug. Almost strangely for me, I wasn’t sick, but that did not dampen the illness. I managed to make it into school on Friday _ but ended up leaving after only 1 lesson, as my mum had a free and could drive me home. When I got home I went straight to bed and slept. Anyone who knows me knows that I never sleep during the day, so the fact I did meant I was pretty ill. I missed my remaining two Maths lessons and a rehearsal for the upcoming school production of Oliver, as well as a Brighton Youth Orchestra rehearsal. For dinner, my mum had cooked some amazing sausages but I just couldn’t eat them!! I was so annoyed because I just felt so rough and I couldn’t eat anything.

We thought that maybe it would just be a 24 hour thing and I’d be alright the following morning, but I had to miss my piano lesson because it hadn’t gone away. I lay in bed and on the sofa, watching TV and sleeping, maybe eating a few crackers or crisps (bad idea). On the Sunday I missed church, which I hardly ever did, let alone because of illness. However, I used the time to plan the Christian Union session I was leading on the Tuesday. I managed to make it to EPIC (youth group) on the Sunday evening but by Monday morning I didn’t feel well enough to go into college, especially because I had a 2 and a half hour free in the middle of the day and no means to get home.

I tried not eating to see if that would clear my digestive system of whatever bug was causing it. It seemed to work, but then the issues returned. I’d had to cancel two driving lessons and reschedule my driving test because I just couldn’t get rid of the issues.

I did make it in on the Tuesday especially for CU, which went pretty well, and I was able to get some of the work that I’d missed on the Friday and Monday. I was quite tired afterwards but we thought I would be able to make it in for my final two lessons on Wednesday (I would have had one in the morning and then a long free). It was UCAS deadline day on the Tuesday, and although I had already made my application in October, I was still waiting for one more reply. I planned to phone up University of Bristol as soon as their office opened the next day and ask if they would make me an offer.

So that’s what I was about to do, in my dressing gown, on the Wednesday morning. Except as I looked up the phone number, I noticed that I’d got an email from UCAS saying that something had changed on my application – Bristol had made me an offer! It was just a standard one, but at least I could now make an informed decision and knew all my options. I think I managed to eat a bit, but as it got close to the time my mum had planned to pick me up I suddenly felt really nauseous. We decided it would be better to skip school again, in case I threw up over my English teacher or something! Because it had continued for so long, we went down to the pharmacy that afternoon to ask them if they had any advice – they could give me something but in fact I was probably already over it. Although this was good news, pharmacies are always very hot, and suddenly I felt very light headed and decided to make for the floor. My mum hauled me up from my hands and knees and we made a break for the outside (where I quickly recovered!!).

I had an awkward day on the Thursday with a free first followed by a lesson, break, 2 lessons and then I could go home. I wasn’t up to walking home, so we thought it would be best for me to do a bit of my catch up work and then return on the Friday. Return on Friday I did, and I even managed an assembly. It was a pretty easy day though as I finished at 11, so my mum brought me home. I was able to collect some of the work I’d missed from History and I probably handed in a draft of my coursework too, so all was well in the end.

So, there’s an account of my worst illness since my operation! Daytime TV remains a bit rubbish, although there are occasional gems like Doctor Who and Traffic Cops, which I didn’t really watch after my operation. Keep watching for my next post on February 2014, where I describe some universities!


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